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Kunama 1958


The word "satellite" could well be applied to a member of my family me. To the family I am a mere "hanger-on", revolving around this constellation to carry out their messages and to run their errands.

I have not much contact with the home planet, but sometimes, when luck is with me, a brief message or radio signal is flung in my direction, which is 360 x h (cos60-cos27) which is south of the equator - at present.

These radio signals might state the path of my future orbit, such as taking the dog for a walk, or doing the family shopping. But more often than not, I just continue my path of running round in circles.

The usual track of my heavenly body is to school and back, with a brief stop on the way for "homework". At school, there is a system of minor planets, which order me around. - Hoganic 4, get a move on, pick up these papers, keep revolving, don't lag behind! I am constantly being bombarded with these shooting stars.

While sitting on the Earth's axis, having a short doze, and pondering over the song - "'Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket" - I am suddenly shaken in my orbit by a commanding radio signal. It is the Chief Asteroid who is giving a Physics lesson. He is trying to wake me by saying, "Are you out of your mind- Has your rocket casing left you? Come back to Earth Hoganis 4' But alas, I awake only to continue my satellitic existence, this time to clean the board, muttering a plea to all scientists... "Why can't teachers be put into satellites and rocketed into space?"


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