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Kunama 1958

My Trip to the U.S.A.

Although I've been back to the United States several times since I came to Australia the size of the buildings and the cars really astonished me. The buildings are extremely high after those we are used to. here. The cars were very brightly coloured except for those driven by the teenagers and they are absolutely blinding and of great length.

I especially noticed that the American teenager is given many more privileges and sooner than the Australian teenager. Thy wear lipstick and nailpolish and drive father's car because in California you can get your driving permit at the age of sixteen and your licence at seventeen. The girls were mostly wearing sack dresses, even to school, and the boys loud shirts and slacks. They don't wear uniforms over there unless they go to Catholic schools.

My school in California had a large cafeteria where they served hot meals every lunchtime and had a very large and well equipped gymnasium. There they had airconditioning in the summer and central heating in the winter as a normal thing.

In the U.S., too, there are three stages of education, primary school, junior high and high school compared with the two stages here in Australia. In High School in California they take five subjects in first year, such as English, Arithmetic, Spanish, History and Science while in second year it is possible to take five entirely different subjects. There is quite a big difference then to Australian schools.

However, despite the big schools of the U.S.A. with every modern convenience I will always prefer Monaro High to any of them.


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