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Kunama 1958

My School in Austria

I went eight years to school in Austria - four years to Primary school, and four years to High School. Our High School is different to what it is in Australia. We just go four years to High School and not five, and we leave school when we are fourteen years old. The lessons are from eight o'clock to twelve o'clock, and from two o'clock to five o'clock in the afternoon. We do not have school uniform, and girls and boys are in separate schools. If you to go to the University you have to go to a special High School for eight years and you have to take three languages: French, Latin and English, and, of course, German.

We have more subjects than you do. The subjects I had in my last year there were German, Mathematics, English Script, Biology, Geography, History, Science, Home Science, Shorthand, Needlework, Art and Music.

We have only five marks and not one hundred. One is the best mark you can get, two is the second best, three is middle, four is just enough and five is had. If you have five in German or Mathematics you have to repeat the class, and if you have five in History, Biology, Geography or in Science you have to study the whole school holidays, and he tested in the special subject at the beginning of the new school year. If you pass the test you are allowed to go to the next class. We do not have written examinations, like you. Our exams are given in another way. When the teachers calls your name, you have to get out on the floor and answer the questions the teacher asks you. That is three or four times each halfyear. We have three Mathematics and four German tests half-yearly in the same way as we have them in Australia, and we have half-yearly about eight very long dictations and fifteen compositions to do.

Every year we have one or more holidays and we go together with the teachers for one holiday. We do not have school dances. In third year we went into the mountains skiing and in Fourth Year for one week to Vienna.


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