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Kunama 1958


A shrill scream shattered the still air and the grey shadow of evening, which had enveloped the world in the eerie light of dusk. In the stillness which followed stealthy footsteps and gentle rustlings came softly on the air, and the sound of lowered voices could be heard.

The fugitive opened his eyes, and as though already anticipating some sinister threat, glanced round. Then in blind panic he fled with the speed he could muster.

Relentlessly, his pursuers continued the chase till, with swimming head and bloodshot eyes the hapless victim sank exhausted to the ground. Cautiously his pursuers approached, then with a rapid movement seized their quarry in a grip of steel.

The captive was too fatigued to offer further resistance, but whe he saw the gleaming blade, he exerted all his ebbing strength in one last desperate struggle, but to no avail, for mercilessly the blade descended and after a few spasmodic kicks, the body lay still on the ground.

Panting from the exertion of the chase, the murderers survey their work, meditating on the results of the deed. At last giving voice his thoughts, one said, "Let"s hope that when he's plucked and cooked
I won't he as tough as the one we had last Christmas!"


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