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Kunama 1959

Life in a Construction Camp

Quite often when a person discovers that you live in a construction camp he will say to you, "How terrible it must be, living away up there away from civilization." When you reply that you really prefer constructi on -camp life to any other, he will look at you with wide-eyed amazement, but this look will probably change to one of envy when you tell him all about camp life.

It is true that a construction camp must because of its very nature be far removed from established towns and cities. But because of this remoteness a new class of people emerges. These people are self-sufficient and not afraid to do things for themselves. For example, they provide most of their own entertainment by forming many and varied clubs, ranging from ski clubs for the athletic to drama groups for those who prefer to express themselves in that manner.

Of course it takes a particular type of person to live in a construction camp. He must be a good mixer and must be willing not only to work with people of all kinds, but also to live in close proximity to them. In time of need such people as this are always ready to help their neighbours.

Because construction work is considered to be difficult and dangerous, rates of pay are higher than average. As a result, and because there is no shortage of work, there is a sense of peace and security throughout the camp.


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