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Kunama 1959

Two Teams of Ladies

Two teams of ladies, fair and gay,
In varied garments dressed,
Assembled at our school one day
Their basket-ball to test.

Now some were young and some were old,
(The latter were the staff).
Our pupils stood by in the cold
Just waiting for a laugh.

The whistle went, the ball was tossed,
The mighty match began.
You know, of course, the teachers lost
(Though assisted by a man).

Seven girls a side, the books all state,
But the umpire was a teacher
And that, you see, made their team eight,
But still we said, "We'll beat yer."

Miss Layton cast a horrified look,
Her face was filled with woe
When Dinah her head for the ball mistook
Both reddish-brown, you know.

Miss Moody passed with a flying leap,
But Marg was close behind,
They both went down in a tangled heap
And hurt their-never mind.

Never has such a match been fought!
They pushed, they robbed, they cheated.
We chased them round and round the court,
And there they were-defeated.

The match was done; the teams came off,
Our girls were bright and well.
The teachers sad, with groan and cough,
Lay huddled where they fell.

In days to come we'll rub it in,
But they will laugh at last,
For in exams. they always win,
And they won't mark us, "Passed."


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