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Kunama 1959

I Saw It Happen...

I saw it happen...

A round slimy mass with pimply tentacles slipped off a little hill and calmly swallowed a respectable citizen of the district. More surprising, the audience of this incredible happening did not even raise their eyebrows but went about their day's work as if they had been watching a play instead of real life. Nothing remained of the respectable citizen. Yes, I saw it happen.

A distance away, a rock mound. A weird monster, covered with hard plating and having a pre-historic appearance, crawled out. Gently, slowly, it made its way towards the "citizen-eating" slimy object. Then a battle royal was observed between these two monsters - yes by me.

I really saw it happen.

Now a cloud of dust enveloped the fighters. Now they would part, now parry. Now one would be triumphant; now the other. If the victor was the slimy creature, would all the inhabitants of the community be consumed in a similar fashion to the first one? Or would some other fate await them should the scaly monster win? No; I was not living in the pre-historic age. Just a little while ago I saw it happen.

The slimy one weakened - the scaly one triumphed. As he rose large over the body of his conquest, a large object appeared above him. It had five tentacles and was far bigger than he was. He was grasped and carried far out of sight of the observers, up and up. No, I am not describing a dream: I actually saw it happen.

A shudder seemed to run through the crowd of watchers. They separated, each to his own home. All became quiet - only the vegetation moved. Believe me, I saw it happen in a fish tank. How terrible it would be if we were all as "care-less" as fish are about what happens in their world and to their neighbour - or are we? I have seen it happen.


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