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Kunama 1959

"The Staff versus Pupils"

The feature of the girls' summer sport was the softball match between staff and pupils. It is needless to say the girls "ran rings" around the aggressors. The staff ran on to the field in multi-coloured "rig-outs". Many eyes were cast on "The Little General" as she put her muscles to work in pitching. For the school, Diane Hotchkis made instant returns as catcher. The outstanding player for the staff - Mrs. Kobza caused hdarious shrills from the spectators, as she held her position in the outerfield. Owing to the brutality of one of the staff members, Miss Layton was unable to participate, but she excelled in judgment in declaring "The Blue Tunics" victorious. The results being Monaro High School 31, Staff 3.

"The thorn among the roses" - Mr. Hunt - was requested to umpire the winter Hockey match. Goalkicker Carla Cristofoletti, assisted by the backs Colleen Harvey and Deirdre Croxson, saved many rushes by the staff. The teachers started with superior play which resulted in a brilliant goal by Miss Cooke. "The Younger Girls," however, went on to achieve six goal - Judith Turner (3), Christine Bishop (1), AnneMarie Wheeler (2). Although most hockey rules were disregarded by the umpire (for the staff's advantage), the girls came through to victory. Maybe the staff can teach them "the three R's" but the girls taught them how to handle a hockey stick.

Even with the advantage of a geographist the staff were unable to overthrow the girls at basketball. The women staff were assisted by Mr. Finlayson, who towered well above the pupils and even though Dinah Walker mistook "the ginger curly head" for the ball, the girls secured a victory of 17 to 8.

Mr. Laughlin kicked off for The Football Match-the boys came in for some vigorous play - Mr. Holdstock used his mathematical calculations in defending, while Mr. Finlayson dashed over the line carrying three defenders with him. R. Malcolm, D. McGregor, M. Coles and T. Smith played well for Monaro, however, the boys gave the staff the privilege of a 10 to 5 victory.

Up the pitch came "the long legged one" scoring more runs for the teachers. The teachers were fortunate in being permitted to play two cricket matches during the season with combined scores resulting in victory for the Staff. Peter Moye gave assistance to the staff, so I presume it was only with his scores that they succeeded.

The school would like to congratulate the staff for their fine sportsmanship in all matches and wish them good luck in the future year. Here's hoping for victory for the school


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