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Kunama 1959

Library Report

Owing to further generous assistance from the P. and C. Association and from private donors, our shelves are rapidly becoming well stocked. Over 200 fiction and 100 reference titles have been added including twenty-three kindly donated during Education Week. The special library in Room 11 has also been augmented, £50 having been spent on readers and reference books. It is impossible to mention all donors by name but the school's thanks are extended to all.

The most important addition has been the "Australian Encyclopaedia" which has proved most valuable for historical research and project work generally. Other significant reference books are the "People, Places, Things" volumes, "The Changing Map of Asia," "Analytical Experimental Physics," and "Winning Rugby Moves." Fiction purchases included the prize-winning story "Devils' Hill," animal stories such as "The Silver Brumby," historical novels, for example "Mohawk Valley," and a new section of Science Fiction.

As in previous years, books in disrepair have been sent to Bathurst Gaol and these have returned solidly bound for a new lease of life.

A start has been made on the covering of new books with plastic dust jackets, which not only protect the volumes but also make them more attractive to borrowers. It is hoped to extend this practice as far as funds will allow.

As the school grows, a larger library committee has been necessary. The school is indebted to the following Library Prefects: Hazel Fekete, Joan Andean, Anne Parkinson, Judith Parris, Valentine Baxter, Sylvia Beck, Gillian Brownlee, Jean Fussell, Jennifer Goodwin, Pam Nellthorp, Yvonne Riches, Marjorie Scott, and others who have assisted them.

D. G. THOMPSON, Librarian

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