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Kunama 1959

Things of General Interest

This year at Monaro High School many things of general interest have taken place.

In the first term inspectors visited the school for four (4) days, visiting all classes at least once and sometimes more. On the 24th September Ist, 2nd and 4th year pupils went to the Cooma Airport to see the arrival of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra. Some even had the good fortune to have a brief talk with Her Royal Highness. Diane Hotchkis of 4th year presented Princess Alexandra with a Monaro High prefects badge. which she immediately accepted. During the course of the year many talks have been given by visitors, advising pupils on just what careers to take up on leaving school. Talks were given by members of the Postmaster-General's Department, members of the Royal Australian Navy gave talks and screened films, members of the police department gave talks and demonstrations on road safety.

Since the 1958 magazine went to the presses the school has seen the commencement of two new buildings, one of which has been completed and another which is still being built. The completed building is to be used as an administration block. It consists of the headmaster's office, the deputy's office, more teachers' staff rooms, a sick bay, and above all a very modern physics laboratory which will be used by the physics classes in the school.

The staff and pupils of the school would like to extend their congratulations to Miss Pryor, who was at one stage the needlework teacher at the school, and who has since been married.

During the year members of the school have attended such productions as those put on by the Young Elizabethans. 5th year saw the film Julius Ceasar, which was arranged by the English master, Mr. Brownlee.

Throughout 1958-59 trips have been made to Bega, Goulburn, Bombala and Canberra, all of which were enjoyed by everyone who had the good fortune to participate in them. The school was represented at football and athletics carnivals and in cricket and hockey matches were played against local teams. A full cover of these trips and matches is given in the sporting section of this magazine.

On 19th September the annual Parents and Citizens School Fete was held. As previous fetes this one was highly successful raising a sum of some £265. This amount will, among other things, be used to stock the school library with new books.

This year the school has had approximately seven socials, all of which have been held in the East Camp hall. Of course everyone, especially 4th and 5th years, is looking forward to the 5th year farewell, which this year is to be held on October 23rd in the West Camp hall. All told a total of 130 people should be attending and this year's farewell seems to be bigger and better than previous ones. And while on the subject of 5th year the magazine committee as well as all pupils and members of the school's staff would like to congratulate last year's 5th year on their passes in the 1958 Leaving Certificate examinations and wish the present 5th year the very best of luck in the coming exam.

The magazine committee would also like to thank local business houses for their donations towards the printing of the 1959 Monaro High School magazine and thank pupils and the school staff for their support and contributions towards the magazine.

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