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Kunama 1959

Bega Visit - Summer Series (at Cooma)

This season witnessed Monaro High's sporting and debating results to be "in the ascendant."

Bega High School being represented by 22 boys and 21 girls found Monaro's representatives too aggressive and had to retreat, thus affirming Monaro's victory.

The contest was opened by the debate which was held in the Snowy Hall following Mr. Laughlin's welcome to the visitors. The topic was that "Men are the weaker sex." Monaro, who was represented by Jennifer Brownlee, Stephen Liebmann, Russell Shaw, and Carla Cristofoletti, was the opposition and after a well fought contest gained a win of 264 points to 247.

The athletics were held on the Snowy Oval and Monaro, gained a convincing win of 44 to 32 points. Individual results were:

Boys 220 yards' sprint: Won by John Larkins of Monaro (25.5 seconds), M. Coles (M) 2nd, L. Love (B) 3rd.

Boys' 880: J. Tucker (B) 1st, R. Baethke (M) 2nd, N. Arrold (M) 3rd. Time, 2 minutes 27.1 secs.

Boys' relay (circular): Bega Is-, Monaro 2nd.

Girls' 100 yards: Susan Hine of Monaro who was the most successful girl athlete of the day won the 100 yds (13 seconds), D. Lane (B) 2nd, M. Brown (M) 3rd.

Girls' relay: Monaro 1st; Bega 2nd. Time, 55.5 seconds.

Girls' high jump: Susan Hine (M) 1st, 4 ft. 7 inches, S. Lenon (B) 2nd.

Tennis: Bega traditionally was superior to Monaro and was able to completely defeat Monaro by six sets to one, thus collecting 100 points.

Softball: The first innings of the 'W' grade softball match indicated that it would be a close match, for both teams had their 3 batsmen up and out. However, after this Bega's fielding lost its accuracy and runs were scored by Monaro. Monaro's batting was exceptionally strong and superior to Bega's. The final score was 13-7 in favour of Monaro. The outstanding players were Susan Hine and Diane Hotchkis.

Bega, with true fighting spirit won the "B" grade softball by 23-7.

Cricket: Up until the cricket, which was convincingly won by Monaro, Bega had been leading. In the "A" grade Monaro batted first. Mark Kennedy gave Monaro a good start by scoring 23 runs. Other outstanding players were Peter Kirkpatrick (16) and Rodney O'Neill (30 not out), who gave Monaro the possibility to win. In the fielding Monaro's opening bowler Ted Butler, finished with the excellent figures of eight wickets for 19. The final score was 107-71 in favour of Monaro.

In the "B" grade cricket Monaro batted first and were all out for 115, top scorers being Cook (22), Whitecross (20), Smith (19) and Butler (13). Bega's batsmen were dismissed for the very low score of 45, thus giving Monaro all 100 points for this contest.


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