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Kunama 1959

"A" Grade Hockey

This year the "A" grade hockey was of higher standard than usual and showed the effects of Miss Layton's keen coaching.

Earlier in the season the team was at a disadvantage because there weren't any teams to play against in Cooma, but later several games were organised at Adaminaby and Jindabyne. These games provided some valuable team practice and as a result Monaro worked out many tricky moves.

The game played in Bega was an exciting, hard one, although play was mostly up the Bega end. However the Monaro backs Deirdre Croxson and Colleen Harvey both played magnificent defensive games, thus repeatedly Bega's attempts at goal failed. Carla Cristofoletti also played well saying many goals.

By half time the Bega forwards had scored a hard, well deserved goal.

The beginning of the second half was marked by some fine attacking play by the captain, Sue Hine, who nearly scored but for the fine play of Bega's left back R. Otton.

With audible encouragement from Sue Hine, Pat Fuller, as right wing played a keen game positioning many difficult passes.

The halves, headed by Jutta Demmler played an untiring game, continually feeding the ball to the forwards.

The game proved to be a very close one and the final score was l-nil in Bega's favour.

Although unsuccessful the "A" grade team deserve congratulations on the efforts and should do well in next year's competition.

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