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Kunama 1959

Main Index

Unfortunately, I seem to be missing pages from this issue.
The Headmasters report, Captains reports and various activity reports over 1959
aren't present and for one item of prose I've only got the second half...

All material available has been included, albeit a little haphazardly
since I have no idea of the original page order of this issue...


School Directory 1959

Pupil Directory 1959

School Uniform

Staff Photo

Magazine | Magazine Committee 1959

School Captains (photo)

School Debating Team (photo)

Bega Visit (photo) | Canberra Visit (photo)

Library Report

Things of General Interest

Prize Winners 1959

Poetry and Prose
Ships on a Seaway | An Adventure
Raindrops | The Bridge
The Sleigh Ride | "A Horrible Deed"
Six of the Best | The Dancing Bones
The Flight of the Swans
Unknown (2nd half)
Monsieur | An Indian Market
Life in a Construction Camp
Sonnet | Escape
Two Teams of Ladies
Pupils and Pedagogues
Shakespeare in School
Chewing Gum | Nightfall
The Caves | Black Stockings
A Chocolte Malted | Autumn Leaves
That Elusive Inspiration | Out Back
In Queens Gardens
School Record Collection
My High School | "Wild Horses"
Frosty Nights | Hungary | Nature
The Thirteenth Labour of Hercules
I Saw It Happen | Spring

7st. 7lb. "A" Team (photo)
The Staff versus Pupils
"A" Grade Hockey | "B" Grade Softball
First XI | First XIII
9st. 7lb. "A" Grade
"A" Grade Cricket
"A" Grade Basketball
Bega Visit - Summer Series (at Cooma)
School Tennis Team (photo)
"A" Grade Softball (photo)
"A" Grade Hockey
"A" Grade Boys Basketball
"A" Grade Softball

Monaro High School Yearly Examination 2059

Statement of Receipts and Expenditure
for the period January - August 1959

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