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Kunama 1960

Pupil Directory

School Captains:
Noel Arrold, Diane Hotchkis

Steven Liebmann, Susan Hine

- C. Conway, T. Kelly, K. Laughlin, I. Loutkovsky, L. Malcolm, C. Palzer
GIRLS - C. Bishop. C. Cristofoletti, S. Hadfield, C. Harvey, M. Rees, B. Skinner

The Prefects' Pledge:
I Promise to do my best at all times,
to carry out my duties honestly and fearlessly, to be loyal to my school
and to be a worthy Prefect of Monaro High School

House Captains:
John Larkins, Diane Hotchkis
Kendall: Steven Liebmann, Susan Hine
Lawson: Lindsay Malcolm, Susan Hadfield
Paterson: Noel Arrold, Christine Bishop

This year a system of BUS PREFECTS was instituted,
which has proved beneficial in a school
where so many travel so far each day.
Adaminaby: Diane Beck
Bobundara: Karen Phillips
Bredbo: Roger Bowerman
Dalgety: Joachim Marcks
Dry Plains: B. Clugston
Eaglehawk: Collin Dale
Jindabyne: David McGregor
Middlingbank: Pamela Brooks
Nimmitabel: Chas. Parker
Town Bus: Steven Liebmann

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