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Kunama 1960

The Prefects

At this time of the year it is profitable to look back and evaluate the contribution of the prefects to the school. Some of their services have been of a most obvious kind. These are the day to day duties which every pupil and teacher expects to see performed by the prefects. These duties help a great deal in running the school and we say "thank you, prefects" for following out your set duties well.

On the other hand the prefects have contributed far more to the school by services which are of a less obvious kind.

Consider the World Refugee Social and the occasions the staff were entertained at end-of-term morning teas. By these activities the prefects have gained valuable experiences for themselves but they have also helped to begin a tradition for prefects in other years to come, and have helped the staff to see their school as a place where social as well as academic development takes place.

Perhaps most important of all the prefects have played their part in contributing to the tone of the school. School tone is difficult to define but is nevertheless real and prefects as the elected leaders of the pupils do much to help establish it. By giving the school loyal and steady service and by setting a standard worthy to be followed by prefects of coming years our prefects for 1960 have done much to make Monaro High School a better school in which to work and grow.

- K.W.

From Left to Right:
I. Loutkovsky, C Palzer, T. Kelly, C. Conway, L. Malcolm
Middle: Laughlin, M. Rees, S. Hadfield, C. Harvey, C. Christofoletti,
C. Bishop, B. Skinner, P. Moye
Front: Mr. K. Wilson (Master in Charge), S. Hine (Vice-Captain), N. Arrold (Captain),
Mr. N. Laughlin (Headmaster), D. Hotchkis (Captain), S. Liebmann (Vice-Captain)

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