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Kunama 1960

The Headmaster's Message

As this message is being written bulldozers and graders are steadily excavating and levelling soil and diverting a stormwater creek to convert more than six acres of uneven, thistle-covered land into sports grounds, incorporating a hockey field, a football field, a four-laps-to-the-mile running track, three basketball courts and two practice cricket pitches. It is expected that additional land will become available in the near future and it will provide another basketball court and five tennis courts. All of these amenities will become the permanent property of Monaro High School and, together with council owned sports grounds, should meet the essential needs of the school in the foreseeable future.

Our Parents and Citizens' Association has undertaken this project, as it has done so many others in the short history of the school, in order to provide those. amenities regarded as essential in modern - secondary education. When the project was first discussed difficulties seemed insurmountable but the scheme is now well advanced and serves as a prime example of what can he achieved by interested parents.

Parents who are interested in the careers of their children can also have a great influence on their academic progress by providing reasonable condition's for study at home, by insistence on regular study, and by gaining a knowledge of courses available at the. school, the subjects needed as qualifications for certain trades and professions, and the hardest course at which their children could be expected to succeed. These and many other important matters which concern pupils at Monaro High School are discussed frequently at the regular monthly meetings of the P. and C. Association, while talks on courses for incoming First Year pupils are given to several primary school associations in the district. Thus the necessary information is easy enough to acquire if parents are interested.

Despite the whole-hearted interest and support of parents, however, academic success can only he achieved by regular, conscientious study by pupils, perserverance, and discussion with subject teachers of difficulties encountered in specific problems. By full co-operation of pupils, parents and staff each of you will then attain themaximum development of which you are capable in this direction.

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