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Kunama 1960

Staff Notes


Monaro High School has become accustomed to the long list of staff changes each year; last year saw the usual number of teachers setting off for other schools.

The Deputy Headmaster, Mr. A. Howarth, B.Ec., was transferred to Vaucluse Boys' High as Deputy Headmaster. Mr. Howarth's memory will be preserved as the composer of the school song.

The English/History Master, Mr. P. Brownlee, B.A., was appointed English/History Master at Fort Street Boys' High. Monaro High lost in Mr. Brownlee an enthusiastic teacher and a very good friend. In his five years here, he had done much to help the school in the difficult early years. We wish him well.

To Fort Street Boys High also went Mr. G. Bradford, B.Sc., transferred from Monaro High where he was Science Master. He will he Science Master at Fort Street.

Other transfers were: Mr. N. Jackson; Mr. J. Lewin (to Tamworth High); Mr. J. Hayes, B.A. (to Muswellbrook High); Mr. R. Menzies (to Narwee, Boys' High); Miss B. Campbell, (to Dubbo High); Miss N. Swadling (to Strathfeld Girls` High).


Mr. F. Rigg, B.A, was appointed Deputy Headmaster. Mr. Rigg came from Murwillumbah High, where he had been Mathematics Master. Mrs. P. Rigg, B.A., was also appointed to the staff here, to teach Modern Languages and Classics.

Mr. J. Jeffery, B.A., was appointed English/History Master. He came from Orange High.

Mr. I. Scott, B.Sc., was appointed Science Master. He had previously heed at Cowra High.

Other appointments were: Mrs. B. Anderson, B.A., from Victoria; Mr. B. Canavan, B.A., from Dorrigo District Rural School; Mr. F. Davidson, B.A., from Grafton High. Mr. Davidson has since been transferred to Maclean High. Miss R. Flynn from Wollongong Girls' High; Miss J. Hetherington from Sydney; Mr. R. Isles, B.A., from Sydney; Mr. P. Langshaw from Randwick Boys' High; Mr. P. Hibberd from Sydney; Mr. I. Packwood from Sydney; Miss L. Sprague from Moorefield Girls' High, Kogarah.

Miss L Dalgieish, B.A., has been appointed District Schools Counsellor.

Mr. W. Chalmers from Avondale, New Zealand, was appointed here in July.

Mr. J. Scollon was appointed Librarian in September. He came from Canada.

Other News:

To all newcomers to the district we extend a hearty welcome. We hope that their stay will be pleasant, and that they come to see Monaro High, as we do: a School with a short history but a bright future.

To those who have left we say farewell friends; may your new schools be as happy as this one has been for you.

It is of interest to note that Mr. N. Hunt is the "oldest inhabitant" of the school. He was appointed here in August, 1953, when the school was Cooma Intermediate. High. Mr. Wilson, Mathematics Mastand Mr. Laughlin, Headmaster, are the next "oldest." Both were appointed at the beginning of 1955, along with Mr. Brownlee, whose departure is mentioned elsewhere.

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