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Kunama 1960

School Captains' Messages

It has been my very great privilege to have been the Girl School Captain of Monaro High School for 1960. This position, has filled me with great pride and I thank you all for your continued support. I wish my successor the same measure of co-operation.

I would like to stress the importance of school spirit. As a school grows rapidly as ours is doing, a binding companionship and loyalty is vital amongst its members. To keep up this spirit I ask you to wear your school uniform with a sense of pride and to regard your school motto "In the Ascendant" as a symbol of the strong bond you should all feel for your school. It is only in this way we can all make our school one which is a credit to our town and community.

Diane Hotchkis

When you been been at school for five years you begin to realise how important your school is to you. Monaro High is a school which you can be proud of and it has been my great honour to be School Captain of 1960.

There are many people whom we have to thank when we think what has been done to help us. We must thank our Headmaster, Mr. Laughlin, and his staff, and our Prefect Master, Mr. Wilson who have helped to make 1960 a very successful year. Thanks must also be given to the Prefect body who have co-operated so willingly throughout the year.

I wish the school all the best for the future and hope that you will always seek to be "In the Ascendant."

Noel Arrold

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