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Kunama 1960

School News

Editorial Notes

A School's Magazine is the only identifying mark it has to people and places outside the district. We have tried to make this Kunama one which sincerely reflects the image of Monaro High. To all contributors: thanks. If your efforts have been rejected, try again next year. To all those who made donations: thanks. We hope you feel your money has been well spent.

We could, of course have done with more... more contributions, that is. The usual burst had to be put on at the end, even though you were all reminded week in week out. That is NOT a good sign. Students often complain that they have few means of expressing themselves: and here is the means par excellence. Many of the rejected pieces were rejected because they were too childish. A senior student ought to he able to do a bit better than a List of Records Applicable to Teachers. Fifth Years in particular were backward in their efforts... Will they be in their criticisms?

There were surprisingly few contributions made by what is in Monaro High a fairly unique element: visitors from other countries. We feel that this is a shame. Australia has gained much in the last decade from such visitors, even temporary ones. Could we suggest more next year?

Thoughtful or thought-provoking contributions are the ones we were looking for especially. This is, after all, a magazine devoted to Youth, and Youth provides us in the next few years with all our thoughts. Are we to assume you have none? Or that you lack the drive to out them in words?

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