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Kunama 1960

School News

The Official Opening of the Administrative Block, 19th February, 1960

The first official event in the 1960 school calendar was the opening of the new Administrative block, by the Honourable R. J. Heffron in his dual capacity of Premier and Minister for Education.

In the presence of a large number of distinguished guests and the school pupils assembled on the lawn, Mr. Heffron was welcomed to Cooma and the Monaro district by the Mayor, Alderman N. L. Hain, to the school by the Headmaster, Mr. Laughlin. Mr. J. W. Seiffert, M.L.A., a good friend of the school, accompanied the Premier and announced that a further block of classrooms had been approved as well as a most welcome addition of a new sports oval. On behalf of the school, the boy captain, Noel Arrold, thanked Mr. Heffron for attending the ceremony and the girl captain, Diane Hotchkis, presented him with a memento of his visit.

After formally declaring the Administrative block open, Mr. Heffron turned the key and the official party entered and inspected the building. Later the prefects and staff were introduced to the Premier and guests. The granting of a school holiday was applauded enthusiastically by the pupils and by the staff.

B. MOYE, 4th Year

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