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Kunama 1960

Of General Interest

Lunchtime at Monaro High sees more than the mere eating of sandwiches and gossiping - for those who care to participate there is much of interest.


MONDAYS has seen both options and keenly fought debates - especially those "grudge matches" between 1A and 2A, who both show promise. All are indebted to Mr. Canavan for his help in developing standards.


On TUESDAYS those who wish to "tread the boards" are catered for in the Drama Club under the guidance of Mr. Langshaw. Several play-readings have been enjoyed, including an interesting performance of Checkov's 'The Proposal."


Both Mr. Langshaw and others have assisted in helping our spiritual growth. I.S.C.F. continues to he an important part of school life for many, with both talks and films a regular part of most meetings.


Again this year the School Union has played its part in running school affairs. Advice was given and taken on more glamorous football sweaters, better ways of collecting for charity and to which organisations we should donate.

Of course, for those who prefer the outdoor life, lunch time can he spent picking up papers or chopping wood to the great pleasure of the staff and prefects... - though not always to the pupil.

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