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Kunama 1960

School Visits, 1960

By far the most important and ambitious school visit this year was that made to Sydney on the June long weekend by the 4th Year Physics and Biology classes. While the visit to Long Reef to study the ecology of the sea-shore was made by Biology class the Physics students invaded the University and Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. On Sunday everyone went to the Zoo.

While some seem to think the highlights of the trips were marathon card games, vast quantities of sandwiches, Domain soap boxes and luggage racks, we all agree it was a wonderfully worthwhile trip. Our thanks go to Mr. Morley, Mr. Scott and Miss Cooke.

On 2nd July a party of First Year Science pupils visited Canberra to broaden their scientific knowledge. Accompanied by Mr. Scott, Mr. Morley and Mr. Hoy, the boys and girls inspected interesting exhibits at Mt. Stromlo, The Institute of Anatomy and the Academy of Science. Time was found to Visit Parliament House and the War Museum as well.

On 7th of the same month a large group of 3rd and 4th Year students saw the Young Elizabethan Players' amusing and helpful performance of Twelfth Night.

In the evening 5th Year enjoyed "Richard Third." All pupils, especially those of the Examination classes, wish to thank the Arts Council for making these performances available.
During July also a group of 2nd Year History pupils visited the Cooma Court House to witness the administration of justice. The same group also made an interesting inspection of the Express' Printing Works.

The opportunity of seeing half a million pounds was given to those taking Business Principles, during Education Week in August. The Commonwealth Bank invited these pupils to inspect the working of the Bank. All express their appreciation.

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