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Kunama 1960

Dickerson Cup

Summer Series at Bega

Bega High School defeated Monaro High School in the Summer Series of the Dickerson Cup at Bega. Monaro was not to be disgraced by their efforts as all sports were closely contested, with the home school scoring 428 points to Monaro's 372 points.


The 1960 Summer Series of the Dickerson Cup opened up with the debate. The topic for discussion was "That more emphasis should be placed on scientific study in schools in N.S.W." Carla Cristofoletti opened the debate and was followed by Malcolm Andrews and Stephen Liebmann. The result of a victory for Monaro was never in doubt and all speakers are to be congratulated on their effort.


Noel Arrold opened the point score for Monaro by setting a new record for the 220 yds. Noel's time was 24.9 sec. In the next event J. Stewart and R. O'Neill led the field until 15 yards from the tape only to be tipped by the Bega runner who finished in a dashing ran. The boys' relay resulted in a clear win for Bega. In the girls' events Sue Hine set new records in the High jump (4ft. 8 1/2"), 100 yds. (12.1), and ran the final lap in the relay.

In all Monaro won five out of the six athletic events.


In the tennis Monaro were completely annihilated winning only 8 games out of the whole 6 sets. Margaret Smedley and Peter Kennedy were the only Monaro players to look impressive and they were unlucky not to win a set.


"A" GRADE: In the A grade softball Monaro defeated Bega in a hard fought exciting game. Capably led by D. Hotchkis as catcher, Monaro kept an early lead to score by 22 runs to 17. Best players were S. Hine, D. Hotchkis and M. Scott.

"B" GRADE: In the B grade softball the results were a 27-22 victory for Bega. R. McAlpin, S. Hadfield, W. Brown and M. Smedley played very well for Monaro and took some very nice catches. The final score was no indication of the match as Bega scored 6 home runs in the final innings.


"A" GRADE: Bega won the toss and elected to bat. Monaro's bowling attack was opened by C. Conway and N. Arrold but they could do little with the ball. Captain O'Neill changed from a fast to a spin attack only to see them being hit for numerous fours. J. Pinkerton was then handed the ball and claimed three quick wickets.

At the end of Bega's batting time they were 7 out for 119 runs. Highest scorer for Bega was R. Leaney who hit up 60 runs in quick time.

Monaro then went in to bat and started very confidently. F. Smith straight drove the opening bowlers for four fours in a brilliant innings. He was ably assisted by P. Moye who redeemed his efforts in the field to score a hard hitting 57. The following batsmen put Monaro in a sitting position with 3 wickets down for 85 runs. However an overkeenness on the part of the Monaro boys saw Moye, Kennedy and Conway unnecessarily run out without adding any score to the board.

The task of the ensuing batsmen was now a difficult one and although McGufficke and Stewart batted well they failed to reach Bega's score and were all out for 109 runs.

"B" GRADE: In the B grade cricket Bega went in to bat and were 8-15 in the early stages of the match, with Larkins taking the hat-trick in his handy performance of 6-9 runs.

Bega's tail enders carried the score to 42 and Monaro went in to bat. Barwood, Smedley batted well and Eggleston hit up a fine 15 runs. The final result was Monaro 64 defeated Bega 42.


All round Monaro won the debate, A softball, athletics, B cricket, and lost only the tennis, B softball and A cricket. Monaro's main weakness remains in its tennis, but with the establishment of the new courts standards should improve.


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