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Kunama 1960

Dickerson Cup

Winter Series at Cooma

Bega won the Winter Series of the Dickerson Cup by 908 points to 692 points.


N. Arrold broke the 440 yds. record with a fine run considering the windy unpleasant conditions.

S. Hine scored a well earned double when she won the 100 yds. and the broad jump. She also helped the girls' relay team to victory in the relay.

I. Loutkovsky jumped well in the broad jump and was unlucky to be defeated by 1/4" by Reeves of Bega.

Bega won the athletics by 45 points to 42.

Girls' Basketball

This was an exciting match with neither side gaining any advantage until the last quarter when Monaro scored 8 goals to Bega's 6. Final scores were M.H.S. 24 Bega 23.

Both teams played excellent basketball and it would he hard to single out any one person for outstanding play.

Boys' Basketball

This was a dear cut victory to Bega, 43 points to 27. Bega had superior defence and forward play and while the Monaro boys played well, they couldn't match Bega's speed and accuracy.


This exciting game held everyone's interest until the final whistle.

Monaro started by playing excellent hockey and were far superior to the Bega players. In the first 10 minutes S. Hine scored and this was followed by another goal shortly before half time.

In the second half Bega showed their fighting spirit and in a half full of exciting play, scored 4 goals to put the final score at 4-2.

C. Bishop played an outstanding game for Monaro and Bega's goalkeeper, M. Rixson, saved many hits that looked sure goals.


This was a disappointing game for Monaro and during the first half Bega scored 16 points to Monaro's nil.

Monaro played much better during the second half but still failed to score.

Full credit must go to the Bega team who played good football to win 23-0.

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