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Kunama 1960

Girls Summer Sports

Keen competition among the four Houses has been very evident in swimming, athletics and winter and summer competitions. Honours seem to be divided with each House excelling in various fields. Proficiency in Girls' Sport is high with pupils competing in town competitions in. hockey, basketball, swimming and athletics an even further improvement will be evident in the near future.

Generally, pupils are keen and sporting visits and competitions are eagerly contested.

Each week house competitions were held in softball, vigoro and swimming.


The standard was very high and a number of outstanding players gave great support to their houses. These girls were: D. Hotchkis, S. Hine, M. Scott, J. Andean and A. Wheeler. Two first years, R. McAlpin and J. Robinson, showed a great deal of promise.

RESULTS: Paterson 14 points; Gordon 12 points.

Competition will again be held between these two houses next summer.


Swimming and diving competitions are very popular and races were keen. These were held on Wednesday afternoons to give pupils a chance to improve their racing and diving technique in preparation for forthcoming carnivals.

RESULTS: Gordon 24, Lawson, Kendall and Paterson 16.

SUMMER RESULTS: Gordon 42, Paterson 32, Lawson 28, Kendall 22.

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