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Kunama 1960

Girls' Winter Sport

Sports available for winter are Hockey, Basketball, Tennis. Regular weekly house competitions were conducted in all sports.


A greater number than ever before participated in this sport and standard increased considerably. A number of younger players show a lot of promise. these being B. Leppert, B. Chappell, M. McGufficke and J. Blyton, S. Hine and A. Wheeler played consistently good hockey all the season, while C. Bishop was outstanding.

RESULTS: Kendall 1st; Paterson 2nd.


Basketball has always been strong at the school and this year was no exception. Outstanding players were all members of the "A" team - D. Hotchkis, D. Walker, S. Nelwan, M. Rees, B. Skinner, M. Smedley and W. Brown.

RESULTS: Gordon Ist; Kendall 2nd.


Competitions were held for the first time in this sport and at present school championships are being held in an effort to improve the standard.

RESULTS: Paterson 1st; Gordon 2nd.

Winter Competitions, at the moment of writing, have not as yet been completed.

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