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Kunama 1960

Boys' Summer Sport

House competitions were conducted in A and B grade cricket, softball, basketball and volleyball, swimming and diving, and tennis.

A and B Cricket

This year matches were held on a two-day basis, and a better standard of cricket was evident.
A complete round was played and the points score is as follows:
A GRADE: Kendall 24, Lawson 15, Paterson 13, Gordon 15.
B GRADE: Kendall 20, Lawson 18, Paterson 15, Gordon 13.

C. Conway, J. Pinkerton, T. Kelly, R. O'Neill. G. McGufficke, P. Kennedy all returned good averages for batting and bowling at the end of the season.

Basketball and Volleyball

A keen competition was held with senior teams making good use of the West Camp Hall. Gordon and Kendall have finished joint leaders in the competition, and if these two teams meet in the final an exciting game will result.

This year class competitions were held during lunch hour, with 3B winning the senior competition and 1B the junior competition. Congratulations to A. Croxson, J. Jackson and their willing helpers in running a very successful competition.


Regular House matches were held at the Snowy Courts and Royal Courts. Gordon are leading in the competition with 8 points, with Lawson a close second with 6 points.

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