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Kunama 1960

Staff vs. Pupils Matches


The staff reduced their margin of defeat this year by 18 runs to 9. The staff commenced well with some good hits but then the school team's fielding came into effect. Miss Eccleston batted soundly and Miss Layton and S. Hine scored the only "homers" of the day. Pupils were the eventual winners, 18 to 9.


Braving a nice sunny day the staff ventured into their shorts for the annual cricket match against the boys.

Winning the ton the teachers went in to bat and reached a surprising score of 119 and seemed very confident of an easy victory. The teachers took the field and the Jeffery "sizzlers" and the Langshaw "twisters" claimed very early wickets. However C. Conway and T. Kelly settled down to some solid batting and we saw Mr. Hoy and Mr. Hibberd doing some very early football training, chasing the ball all over the field. The runs quickly mounted up and the boys went on to win by 20 runs and to break the strange hoodoo in becoming the first student team ever to defeat the staff of Monaro High School.



The staff adopted very sound tactics in "walking" on to the field for the 1960 Staff v. Pupils Football Match.

Mr. Laughlin kicked off in typical Bobby Bugden style and the staff looked a superior team for the first 20 yards. The then displayed some spectacular moves and were unlucky not to score in the first five minutes.

Then the staff surprisingly obtained their second wind and Mr. Finlayson took two strides and moved the play to within yards of the students' line. A penalty kick was then awarded to the staff and the teachers bribed the linesmen into raising the flags and the staff led 2-0.

From the kickoff Binutti broke through, drew Mr. Packwood and passed to Liebmann in support. Liebmann dashed through and was tackled by Mr. Hoy yards from the line. From a quick play-the-ball Binutti dashed in for a well earned try, with the whole 15 members of the staff team windlessly looking on. Loutkovsky failed to convert.

At half time the staff collapsed on the field and enjoyed a 10 minute recovery session.

On resumption of play Mr. Rigg dazzled the opposition with a squashing run and carried at least 10 players 15 yards. From a movement which followed the students were penalised and the staff moved to a narrow 4-0 lead. Langshaw, Canavan and Hibbert, with punishing bursts of 5~ a move which enabled the Agriculturist to score in the corner. Mr. Kennedy failed at the conversion.

From a play the ball Mr. Holdstock burrowed his way downfield, passed to Mr. Hoy who placed the staff within tripping diet~ of the line, but Mr. Finlayson failed to trip and the ball was knocked on. From the scrum the Bombala referee Mr. Webb playing a magnificent a~ as half, was penalized for placing the ball in the "third" tow.

To sum up the nag thor oughly ~wed their win but the result
t have been diferent had the boys overc the ological disadvantage and played their usual game of football.

The outstanding player for the school was 1. Loutkovsky who saved two cer in trim with solid tackling and his initiative in attack was well up to standard.

Final wore S" 10 (Mr. Hoy two tries, Mr. Kennedy two goals) defeated students 3 (M. Binutti try).


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