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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions

Unfortunately literary entries were neither numerous nor of a high standard generally. There was a marked avoidance of compositions of a serious nature, whether poetry or prose. It is certainly far easier to parody a well known poem than to create an original one. However this does not mean no effort should be made.

Since so many of this type of contribution were received, many had to be rejected. One, however, Rosalind Bennett's, was indeed outstanding. Humour as treated by A. Croxson in his "Parents" and D. Gadsby in "Writing in Ink." was effective and deserved a place.

Of the few poems the outstanding were undoubtedly those of V. Baxter and J. Stewart, who did attempt a personal approach. Of the prose contributions those included though perhaps rather commonplace in subject matter, do show a genuine experience, which many rejected contributions do not. "Dust" by C. Peadon, reveals this. The short playlets provide an interesting variation.

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