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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions / Visiting Ceylon

The great moment had arrived, the gangplank was put out and now one by one we walked across it, feeling excited because now we would see Ceylon. It always was my wish to see really dark people and it had come true.

Looking back again 1 saw our ship called "Skauberyn" in the distance. Then I looked ahead, and I saw old shacks, dirty streets and poor children. A crowd of them was already tagging behind us begging. Dad felt sorry for them, so he gave one of the boys "5 pfennige" at which he looked very puzzled, but we walked on.

In nearly every corner things were sold, and the goods spread on the dirty ground. We bought some bananas.

Suddenly I saw a post office not far away, so we all went toward it. because Dad had a letter to mail. Everything was very interesting inside. Away in a far corner I could we men writing letters for other men, because they couldn't write. I didn't know that until Dad told me, and I don't think anyone else would have guessed it.

Then after very much trouble we found a reasonable milk-bar, and refreshed ourselves.

Soon it was time to go back to our ship, and as I went up the gangplank in the dark. I looked back and I saw the lights of Ceylon. It had been a wonderful day.

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