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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions / Parents

Parents are, to most teenagers, "Squares" Now a square in geometrical terms, is a four sided figure with all sides and angles being equal. I will now endeavour to prove that parents are "Squares."

Take the four sides. There is the side we see at home, they show me this when I have done something wrong; there is the side they show to the outside world, so dignified; there is the side they show when "Out with the Boys" (Father) or on a social visit (Mother); and lastly the side which they usually show only to each other, but of which we get an occasional glimpse. I don't know too much about the sides being equal, but as the parents themselves say they are the same no matter where they are, then the sides are the same, and that makes them equal, doesn't it?

Parents of course have all the "right angles" somehow I think there could be more than just four, but as we only need four for the purpose of this exercise I'll name - the "right angle" on teenage behaviour, they never did "that"; the "right angle" on records, "That's not music"; and for a fourth they have the "right angle" on how to apply tact to certain questions which I ask of them, they don't know but won't tell me that they don't.

So there, I have proved my point, (or square) haven't I???

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