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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions / The Bush Fire

Before the fire the bush was a scene of colour and merriment. The animals and birds roamed around all day seeking food and having an occasional squabble over a tasty tit-bit.

Tle tall trees from which lith lianas hung made a roof over the ground below, which was decked with dainty green ferns and short green grass. In the clearings the flowers were a blaze of colour and the crystal clear stream bubbling its way down the hillside was a favourite resting place for all the animals.

But one day ad this was changed. A careless camper had not put a camp fire out properly and it had caught on to the grass around it, and from there it had spread far and wide.

The animals seeing the billowing smoke and leaping flames, heard the crackling of the undergrowth and the crashing of failing trees as the demon approached.

Instinct warned them to flee for their lives but if they had waited they would have men the tall trees, green ferns and pretty flowers ruined by the ever growing fire.

After the fire had passed the scene was desolate. The trees that had not been destroyed stood like giant sentinels on the horizon and amid the ruin were the burnt bodies of animals not fast enough to escape.

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