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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions /
Galileo and the Telescope

CHARACTERS: Galileo; three Venetian Senators: Marco, Frederiko and Leonardo: boy-servant: Bartholomew.

SCENE: At the top of a tower in Venice. Bartholomew is holding the telescope steady. Galileo is standing behind it, the Senators are in a group to the right.

GALILEO: Now gentlemen, I ask you to gaze seaward, and what do you see?

MARCO: I see nothing.

FREDERIKO (gruffly): That's exactly what we'll see through that contraption - nothing.

LEONARDO: It is impossible. How can a hollow tube and some glass make the invisible. visible?

MARCO (putting his eye to the telescope; after a few seconds he exclaims): But!... But... those ships!... They were not there.

FREDERIKO (still doubtful): They are probably painted on the glass.

GALILEO (angrily): Come then Fredericko, see for yourself. (To Bartholomew): Boy. turn the telescope in the direction of the seashore (he does so). (Frederiko looks through it). What do you see?

FREDERIKO (after looking for a few seconds): Those men! Those tiny specks! I can see them clearly now. Come. Leonardo, look!

LEONARDO (looking through the telescope): It is unbelievable, it is marvellous, it is a great invention.



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