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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions / Archives

Thus it was written in the archives of the past.

In the age when men were men, and schoolboys were cabbages, there existed an institute of knowledge and culture, known as Moron's High School.

Enclosed by its walls were many great thinkers, known as Fourth Year; numerous clods, known as Fifth Year, and hordes of others called the Junior School.

There were also many great probably the most famous of whom being Laughlates, the aged sage, deliverer of many famous lectures. Another was Riggus, who introduced many new ideas and spake loud and long of the unbelievable feats of his students.

Others, younger, but nonetheless wise, were Finlaysum, who conducted experiments on life in the upper atmosphere, and Morlum, who expounded many profound theories, the origins of which were lost in the dim mists of the past, and the meanings of which were lost in the dumb minds of the Fourth Years.

The spring is here, the birds am singing, the .... (omitted this paragraph - historians believe the scribe was in love).

For the amusement of the people, there was also an arena, wherein raged many great battles. The gallant warriors fought for possession of a leather bag (which contained nothing anyhow), with much shedding of blood and breaking of necks. They had other quarrels. coo, fought with clubs and small red projectiles.

The aspiring Amazons clashed with carved clubs, made of wood. Another form of feminine gentleness was carried out with a leather sphere, which the ladies tried to throw through a metal ring, meanwhile trampling each other underfoot

Alas; at this point the scroll was torn, so here the saga ended.

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