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Kunama 1960

Literary Contributions / History Play

SCENE II: The Officers of the N.S.W. Corps gain power in the Colony by selling rum. On the water front a ship is nearby, from which kegs are being rolled- These kegs have all been bought by the officers of the N.S.W. Corps cheaply and sold to the colonists for high prices.

GROSE: Come on, you swabs, roll off those kegs more quickly. Hurry, before Hunter comes.

PATERSON: How much profit d'yer reckon we'll make offuv this haul?

GROSE: Well, by the time we sell it to the farmers to sell to the convicts, and we get our cut on that, we should make a tidy little sum, methinks.

PATERSON: I don't know why you are so afraid of Hunter. After all, we can always dispose of him, can't we.

GROSE: Yes, I suppose so. However, I think that it would he better for us if we keep our hands clean for the moment. The British Home Government might hear of our doings.

PATERSON: They are at war, and they couldn't do anything if they tried.

GROSE: Maybe so, but I wouldn't like to try it yet. Silence. Here comes Captain Macarthur.

MACARTHUR: Still at it, eh?

PATERSON: Yes sir.

GROSE: Yes. We pretty well rule the roost now, don't we. Even now I have nearly forty seven assigned servants working for me.

MACARTHUR: Yes. we do rule the roost. By the way, do you remember that stupid old blabber-mouth from up on the hill? Well he stepped a little too far over the line today and one of the guard's rifles accident went off.

GROSE: Oh, that crawler. Anyway, he's better out of the way. That makes one less to care for, but he could be making more money for us by working.

PATERSON: Yeah, he was allus crawling to the governor behind our backs. Anyway, he wouldn't have worked for us, even if he was paid. I suppose I had better be going and supervising the unloading of the kegs.

GROSE: Good evening sir. I had also better be going.

MACARTHUR: I also had better be going, good evening.

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