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Kunama 1960

Main Index

Front Cover, Kunama 1960


School Directory

Staff Photo, 1960

Pupil Directory


The Headmaster | Headmaster's Message

Staff Notes

School Captain's Messages

School News
Editorial Notes
The Official Opening of the Administrative Block
Other New Buildings
Parents and Citizen's Association

Of General Interest
Debating | Drama | Religion | Politics
The Social Sphere
Anzac Day and Commonwealth Day, 1960
School Visitors | Essay Competitions

Inter School Debates

School Visits, 1960

Academic Prizes, 1959

Examination Successes, 1959
Leaving Certificate Passes
Intermediate Certificate Passes

Sporting Sphere At M.H.S.
House Patrons and Captains, 1960
School War Cry

Dickerson Cup
Summer Series at Bega
Winter Series at Cooma

Inter-School Visits
Junior Bega Visit
Brigidine Convent

Annual Swimming Carnival

Girls' Summer Sports

Life-Saving, 1959

Girls' Winter Sports

Saturday Competitions

Boys' Summer Sports

Boys' Winter Sports

Staff vs. Pupils Matches


Sports Photo's
"A" Grade Tennis
Boys' Athletic Team
Girls' Athletics Team
"A" Grade Basketball
Girls "A" Grade Softball
Girls "B" Grade Softball
"A" Grade Hockey
"A" Grade Cricket
"B" Grade Cricket
"A" Grade Basketball
Open Weight Football

Literary Section
My Country | Family Revision
Visiting Ceylon | Parents
Winter | Co-efficient of Expansion
The Bush Fire
Winter | The Art Of Ski-ing
The Junior Social | A Reminder
My First Attempt At Writing In Ink
Galileo And The Telescope
The Mountain's Vengeance
Riding | Archives
Dust | Sonnet | Homework
Portrait | History Play

School Balance Sheet, 1960

The Monaro High School Song

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