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Kunama 1961

Headmaster's Message

With the construction of our own school oval and basketball courts and the erection of a fine assembly hall, which incorporates a modern school shop, Monaro High School is so well equipped for the tasks which confront its members, that many people forget the difficulties which have had to be overcome in the past few years. Only seven years have elapsed since the school was first established in the Agricultural Hall with hanging tarpaulins serving as walls between classrooms.

In those days a great deal of voluntary work was done by parents and students who realized that a high school not provided with essential facilities would achieve less than it should. There was a different goal to aim at each year and satisfaction was gained from reaching these goals.

The main aim of the school, however, has remained unchanged, and will always do so. That is to develop as far as possible the talents which each individual possesses. Only if each of us takes a keen interest in those things which affect ourselves, our community, and our country can this be done.

Success, in anything we undertake, can only he ensured by hard work and serious thought, by seizing opportunities as they occur. There must be time for reading and relaxation, for sport and laughter, but our happiness will depend upon the progress we make towards becoming friendly, kind, thoughtful people with a serious purpose in life. Make this your goal for this and all other years.

As we go to press, we have learned that Mr. N. Laughlin has been transferred, from 1962, as Headmaster of Dickson High School, Canberra.

Mr. Laughlin came to Monaro High as Headmaster in 1955, the first Headmaster of the separate High School. In those days the enrolment was 225. Over the past six years, this has grown to over 600. The Staff then numbered 16; now it numbers 35. The buildings, the lawns, the gardens have all been developed; two small classroom blocks have grown to our present School all the planning, the development, the progress has been generally under Mr. Laughlin's guidance and care.

The Headmaster has always been interested in sport, and has done much to develop it in the School. Many interschool visits have received his direct encouragement.

The high reputation of this school is no small tribute to Mr. Laughlin's efforts. He no doubt leaves with mixed feelings. Our feelings are of sincere regret. We join to wish him and his family success and happiness in the future.

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