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Kunama 1961

Staff Notes

Arrivals and Departures:

The School has benefited this year from the smaller number of staff transfers. In the English/History Department there were no departures at the end of the year, although Mr. J. Scollon resigned late in third term. He was replaced by Mr. B. Waters from Sydney. Mr. Scollon's position as Librarian was taken over by Mr. E. Isles who had been teaching general subjects in 1960.

From the Mathematics Department, Mr. R Holdstock was transferred to Kempsey, and he was replaced by Miss E. Stevens from Sydney. At the end of first term Miss R. Eccleston resigned and was replaced by Miss E. Cleary. From the Science Department we lost Mr. G. Hoy to Tweed River High and Mr. W. Chalmers, who continued his round the world trip by going to England. Mrs. E. Elfick and Mr. G. Fowler replaced them.

At the end of first term this year Miss N. Ellem was transferred to Penrith High and was replaced by Mr. J. Stansfield from Tamworth. Last year, Mr. W. Webb of the Manual Arts staff was transferred to Sefton High and replaced by Mr. W. Fusedale. From the Home Science Department, Mrs. M. Boyle resigned and Miss L. Sprague was transferred to Birrong High. They were replaced by Miss Jan Hetherington and Mrs. M. Lavrnja.

Several additional teachers were appointed. Mrs. P. Cameron, who trained in Victoria and has had considerable overseas experience, his taken over the General Activities class. Mrs. S. Rolfe returned to the Home Science staff this year. She had taught here some years ago. Mrs. I. Star, who has taught in Victoria is also on the staff.

The school has been very fortunate in having appointed two Clerical Assistants, Mrs. N. Smith and Mrs. H. Jaggar. These two ladies have assisted the smooth, running of the school enormously, and we are very pleased indeed to welcome them.

Mrs. Barrington had to leave her position in the School Canteen, and Mrs. Constance of Berridale has taken over in her place.

We offer our best wishes to all those who left us, and welcome heartily the newcomers. Best wishes especially to those who have married since our last issue Miss Eccleston, Miss Ellem, Mr. P Francis and Miss Hardy, and to those with new or additional "family responsibilities," (Mr. 0. Kennedy, and Mr. I. Finlayson).

Other News:

Mr. B. Waters won the Australian 440 yards Championship in Brisbane early this year, and we take this opportunity of congratulating him.

Mr. N. Hunt was very successful in his University Examinations last year, topping his year in Mathematics and winning a Scholarship.

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