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Kunama 1961

School Captains' Messages

Barbara Moye, Peter Kennedy

The distinction of being Girl Captain of Monaro High School for 1961 has been my honour and privilege. During the year I have endeavoured to maintain the high standard of leadership set by my predecessors and to carry out my duties to the full.

I would like to thank the staff and prefects for their unfailing support throughout the year because without their valuable cooperation little could have been achieved.

Over the past few years Monaro High School has built up a reputation in the community in both academic and sporting fields. This has happened only because a strong school spirit has prevailed. I would ask you all to strive to uphold this reputation, to maintain this school spirit and so always keep Monaro High School "In the Ascendant."


As School Captain for 1961, it has been my privilege to watch with pride and with a deep sense of responsibility, the continued progress and development of Monaro High School. I hope that I have proved a worthy leader of this great school and I feel that any success which may have been met with is due to the eagerness, co-operation and unbending support displayed by the school as a whole.

Today, just seven years after it's official opening, our school is experiencing rapid and unparalleled development. We have won ourselves an unblemished reputation a prominent position in our community and a continuously mounting tradition.

As I write this message, I look beyond my memorable days at Monaro High, into the future, to envisage a furthering of our aims and our tradition, and I am encouraged by an inspiring hope that someday ex-students will take the initiative and organise an annual reunion of ex-students.


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