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Kunama 1961

Debating and Public Speaking

From left to right:
Stephen Liebmann, George Bein, Peter Kennedy, Margaret Smedley, Malcolm Andrews, Mr. Bruce Canavan.

A very active and enjoyable year of debating and public speaking has passed since the last magazine was printed.

Late in Third Term of 1960 the School Public Speaking Competition was held on a lunchtime and class basis, the winners being Peter Kennedy in the Senior Division and Kimberly Jaggar in the Junior Division. The competition will be held this year early in Third Term.

The two debates held in conjunction with the Dickerson Cup Summer and Winter Series resulted in victories for the Monaro High team this year. The team consisted of Stephen Liebmann, Peter Kennedy and Malcolm Andrews with Margaret Smedley and George Bein as managers. The team is to be congratulated for its fine performance on both occasions.

The Inter-House Debating Competition for 1961, held in First Term resulted in victories for Gordon in the Senior Division and Paterson in the Junior Division. Kendall were runners-up in both divisions. The debates were held in lunch hours over several weeks and quite pleasing standards were achieved.

On 26th April, six members of Fourth Year attended a meeting of Cooma Rostrum Club and in addition to a very pleasant evening, gained considerably from the experience. A similar evening was enjoyed by fifteen girls from Fifth Year, who attended a meeting of the Penguin Speakers' Club on 26th July.

On July 21st nine members of Fourth Year travelled to Canberra for a contest with Lyneham High School. The three speakers Pat Fuller, George Bein and Richard Benneworth are to be commended for their performance. This debate was the first of a regular series of parliamentary debates with Lyneham High, which will take place twice a year.

In conclusion, the Speakers' Club has been quite an active organisation this year. The Club meets fortnightly and has provided several interesting and amusing programmes as well as an enthusiastic audience at all functions associated with debating and public speaking. Without this solid core many of the school's activities of this type would not have been a success. Mr. Canavan has worked very hard helping in all aspects, both organization and coaching, of debating. Miss Flynn has arranged the Public Speaking. The Speakers' Club is indebted to them and to all who have given up their time.

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