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Kunama 1961

Prefects 1961

From left to right:
Back Row: J. Stewart, M. Binutti, D. McGregor, K. Laughlin, A. Croxson, S. Liebmann, J. Jackson.
Second Row: C. Peadon, C. Alexander, M. Smedley, J. McAlpin, P. Nellthorbe, L. Funk.
Front Row: D. Walker, Mr. K. Wilson (Master-in-Charge), P. Kennedy (Captain), Mr. N. Laughlin (Headmaster), B. Moye (Captain), F. Smith.

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These notes wish to tell you two messages concerning our 1961 Prefects.

The first message is that they have performed their duties well and have made a valuable contribution towards the welfare of our school. Besides carrying out their formal duties, they have, in addition, engaged in some "social" activities. They have planned for themselves a number of guest speakers who have covered a variety of interesting topics at lunch hour meetings. Also this year the prefects were given a room for their headquarters. I feel sure that their informal gatherings there have strengthened them as a working group. A senior social planned by the Prefects in July was a success and the proceeds were used to purchase a special Prefect gift to the school.

The second part of this message is to tell those who way one day become eligible to be elected, that to be made a Prefect is the highest honour that the school can bestow on them, because besides showing faith in their personal abilities, it makes available to them valuable experience in leadership which otherwise would not be theirs. I feel sure that as our school grows; it will look more and more for leadership from the Prefect body.


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