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Kunama 1961

School Visits, 1961

Monaro High is always lucky in the number of visitors it receives. This year the Director of Secondary Education, Mr. Clayton, presented Intermediate Certificates, a panel of inspectors was with us for two weeks in April, while Mr. Heffron is expected to open our new Hall. Other visitors included Mr. Morgan, Miss Watt, Mr. O'Brien.

Weekly visits from the Commonwealth Bank officers, who help our school bank, have also been appreciated.

Of course the school sincerely thanks the clergy of Cooma for their regular weekly religious instruction, namely the Revs. F. W. Woodwell, C. Star, Fellows, Bickford, W. Kinmont, Pastor Stahl, Miss A. Mongan and Fathers Byrne and Coffey.

School Visits

The Science Excursion of 4th Year Biology and Physics students proved to be as enjoyable, tiring and "educational" as last year. The group left Cooma on the weekend of 11th April, under the guidance' of Mrs. Elfick, Messrs. Scott, Morley and Fowler. Some very interesting specimens were observed at Long Reef by the Biology students, whilst many felt more at home at the Zoo! The University, Museum and Art Gallery, not to mention the Domain, were all most enlightening.

Our thanks to the teachers who made this trip possible, and to those who put up with our snores on Monday in class.

D. O'ROURKE, 4th Year

Second, Third and Fifth Year - classes again enjoyed the Young Elizabethan Players in their visit to Cooma. Despite an accident with their truck, which left them "property-less", their performances of "The Merchant of Venice" and "Macbeth" proved moving and instructive. Some of the younger children realised for the first time, that Shakespeare, well acted, is great entertainment. Our thanks to the Arts Council.

Again this year millions of pounds (lots any way) were within the grasp of Business Principles' students, who visited the Commonwealth Bank during Education Week. This proved a pleasant and instructive visit.

Some Second Year students accompanied by Mr. Waters visited the Cooma Monaro Express, and saw the preparation and printing of that paper.

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