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Kunama 1961

Dickerson Cup

Summer Series at Cooma

Monaro High won the Summer Series of the Dickerson Cup by the points margin of 478 to Bega High's 322.


The topic of the debate was "That Competitive Examinations should he abolished in Primary and Secondary Education".

Peter Kennedy opened the argument for Monaro High which was the Opposition. He was followed by Malcolm Andrews and Stephen Liebmann. The experience of the Monaro team was evident and helped Monaro to score well.

Monaro High won by 65 to 63 points.


For the first time swimming. was included in the Dickerson Cup series and it replaced athletics.

In all 12 events were contested, Monaro High winning 11 of these. The most successful swimmer was Ellen Sanderson who won the 100m freestyle, 33m breastroke, the 33m backstroke, the 33m freestyle and helped Monaro to victory in the Girls' 4 x 100m relay.

Peter Sanderson won the Boys' 200m freestyle, the 33m butterfly, was second in the Boys' 66 m. breaststroke and swam in the victorious Monaro team in the relay.

RESULT: Monaro 100, Bega 42.


The Monaro High tennis players defeated Bega High for the first time in history by 29 games to 21.

Peter Kennedy and David Mackay won the men's doubles 6/1, 6/4. Margaret Smedley and Joy Robinson won the women's doubles also in straight sets. R. McGuire and J. Armitage of Bega were untroubled to win the mixed doubles from B. Chappell and E. Solari 6/2, 6/2.

"A" Softball

Bega 23, defeated Monaro, 22. After three innings in this match the score was 21-4 in favour of Bega, but Monaro made a remarkable recovery in the next four innings, scoring 18 runs to Bega's 2. Best players were J. Robinson and M. Smedley.

"B" Softball

Bega won this game because of their exceptional batting and teamwork while fielding. Bega hit five home runs to Monaro's two. Best for Monaro were Y. Gennings and M. Dacheff.

"A" Cricket

Monaro won 94 runs to 45. Best bowler was team captain, J. Stewart who took four wickets for 15 runs. Owen Barwood and Peter Kennedy were aggressive batsmen for Monaro, each scoring 20 runs.

"B" Cricket

Bega won the "B" Grade cricket, 129 runs to 107. In this match at one stage, Bega was nine wickets for 105 in reply to Monaro's 107. However they managed to get the needed runs and thoroughly deserved their win.


Monaro won the debate, the swimming, the tennis and the "'A" grade cricket while. Bega had wins in the "'A" and "B" grade softball and the "B" grade cricket.

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