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Kunama 1961

Dickerson Cup

Winter Series at Bega

Monaro won the Cup at Bega in the Winter Series by the small margin of 14 points.

In this series Monaro, began with a points lead of 156 carried over from the Summer visit.


The experienced Monaro team of P. Kennedy, M. Andrews and S. Liebmann again proved too much for Bega High and Monaro were the winners by 75 points to 63.

This win put Monaro further ahead in the point score by 181 Points.


Bega won convincingly in Athletics by 57 points to Monaro's 30. M. Binutti and 0. Barwood were 1st and 3rd in the 100 yards. Carol Kidman was second in the first 100 yards. Monaro won the boys' 4 x 100 relay and Bega the girls' relay.

Bega had reduced Monaro's point lead to 150.

Girls' Basketball

Bega had a convincing win here by 27 goals to 6. Bega's goal shooting was far superior to Monaro's and better teamwork was evident. Best players for Monaro were the defences Dinah Walker and Jennifer Melville.

Boys' Basketball

The Monaro, team was completely annihilated in this event, Bega winning 66 to 29. Bega had superior defence and forward play. A. Croxson and D. Hajek were best players for Monaro.


This was an exciting game during the first half. Bega had a lead of I/nil at half time and at this stage there was little between the two schools. However towards the end of the second half Bega forwards cut holes in the Monaro defence and scored three goals in quick succession.

Barbara Rackham and L. Russell played consistently good hockey throughout the match. Result - Bega 4, Monaro, 0.


When this game commenced Bega was 110 cup points ahead of Monaro which meant that Monaro had to win 28-0. Playing remarkable football, Monaro not only gained the required score but went on to win 31-0. It would he hard to pick any player out as all played very well and the teamwork wits excellent. Congratulations on a very fine effort.


Bega won the athletics, girls' basketball, boys' basketball and the hockey - Monaro won the debate and the football.

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