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Kunama 1961

Permanent World Peace is Impossible

World peace would mean that there would be no war, or disagreement between nations, races, communities or individual people. Everybody would be happy with what they have. There would thus be no prejudice or hatred at all. This obviously is impossible. The mental conditions to fulfil these requirements are impossible, as no­one is perfect. Firstly there would have to be a stop to the manufacture of arms, the training of troops and so on. The "White Australia Policy" and all such policies would have to be abolished.

It would also mean that further exploration by one nation would have to stop as this would lead to jealousy. There would have to be one type of religion otherwise a feeling of division and superiority would evolve amongst the different sects.

Thus there would also only be one class in society. Should there be more than one, the upper class would look down on the lower class, and a feeling of inferiority or prejudice would break out disturbing the peace.

There would also be no criminals to break the laws of the world for this too disrupts world peace.

Because of all these restrictions, more people would be employed working for the finding of cures for diseases. The world would slowly become overpopulated as people would live longer. There we have another disaster.

Thus until every person in this world is perfect and all the con. ditions are perfect there is no hope for "permanent world peace."

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