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Kunama 1961

Widening or Deepening,
or Fraying and Decaying

What do you think of the Wyndham Report? Is it a mark of progress, or is it a futile attempt to bolster the standard of education in Australia?

Perhaps you think that some students who would normally. have gone on to do Fifth Year will now turn green at the thought of another year of captivity and promptly leave at the end of Third or Fourth Year to try out their new found wings in that big, gay world that does not include schools?

Or perhaps you have some vague idea that all students will be lost in a whirl of enthusiasm and the Australian population will quickly develop into a race of university graduates? Or are you one of those who don't really care, because it will not directly involve you anyhow?

Do you, young man, think you are going to be a guinea pig in a scheme that might collapse next year, or the year after, leaving you desolate on an uneducated island?

And you dedicated teacher?

Are you groaning at the thought of having those desperate Fifth Year faces staring blankly at you for yet another whole year?

Although this problem (or is it a problem any more?) does not concern us who are already in the. High School, it does involve those beginning here next year.

I believe more thought must be given to problems involved in implementing the Report. We cannot look on it as the cure of all over educational ills.


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