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Kunama 1961

Thought in the Modern Age

In the modern age of speed, automation, and frivolous amusements one begins to wonder why we are continually demanding more and more, with as little effort as possible. As is well known by most people the lack of thoughtful work is often deplored by teachers and occasionally students alike as they endeavour to exercise the modern lazy mind and awaken it into really thinking. Most students are well acquainted with the doubtful art of dreamily gazing out of the window and also the embarrassment caused by sudden questions penetrating this. dreamy stupor but how many really concentrate on the lesson?

This leads to the question: Why is it that modern youth is continually trying to evade work of any kind especially that involving brain power? Is it because they rely too much on modern inventions, radio, television and the corner show to provide all their amusement requirements instead of working and inventing some for themselves? They seem to just be lazily contented with as little exertion as possible and have a "leave it to someone else" approach to life. The deep thought of the ancient Greeks or the experimentation of the Renaissance seems to he absent in the modern youth who lacks the initiative to go out and do instead of just postponing something till later. Thus the modern youth take superfluous manifestation as the truth instead of probing, and delving into each statement presented to determine whether it is really accurate.

Modern youth therefore is generally easily convinced by idols of music, advertisements and many other means Of their amusements and consequently are a thoughtless "spoon fed" crowd who are so lazy that they never take the trouble to think and weigh facts to find the truth for themselves. Is the - modern generation losing its power of logical reasoning and just accepting the words of idols as was done for many years succeeding Aristotle or is this just a lazy phase that mankind is passing through after inventing machines to do his thinking and work?

Only time, I suppose, will tell.


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