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Kunama 1961

Editorial Notes

Last year our editor wrote -literary entries were neither numerous nor of a high standard generally. There was a marked avoidance of compositions of a serious nature." I am happy this year to say, emphatically, this has NOT been the case.

We have had many worthwhile literary efforts handed in. So numerous in fact, were they, it became difficult to decide what to reject. V. Baxter, again had made a genuine contribution with her poem. Tony Skinner's short story has succeeded well with its tense atmosphere. While Beverley Stanford shows ability in her descriptive passages. V. Wheeler's poem is a very creditable satire.

What has proved pleasing to the editor this year, is the number of "essays" received - which reveal that Secondary students have opinions to express and are capable of expressing them forcibly. A school magazine should provide the space in which their views can be aired. When more students do this then our magazine will he truly successful.

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