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Kunama 1961

Looking Around /
Early Morning in the Australian Bush

The sky overhead was dark and the stars glittered in all their glory. Around me the bush was dark and silent. There was not even a breath of wind. Slowly. a finger of light crept across the sky until it was a rosy pink all over the eastern horizon. Gradually a ball of fire appeared over the hills and the birds around me started to sing. Now the sky was blue and the sun had risen up from the distant hills.

The bush was suddenly coming to life. In the tree above me a kookaburra. laughed and over by the creek I could hear the wild ducks. I suspected that I could hear a wombat shuffling through the leaves and bushes but none came into the clearing. Walking along a small track I noticed the footprints of a fox who had been hunting the night before. There was, a sudden noise of a small animal running away from me in the bush, probably a small, rabbit.

And so I walked on thinking how lovely the Australian bush is in all its splendour early in the morning.


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