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Kunama 1961

Looking Around / Port Moresby, Papua

Port Moresby is situated on the southern coast of Papua-New Guinea. It is mainly on a fairly flat strip of country and is thirty miles from the beginning of the Kokoda Trail.

It has a population of about 6,000 Europeans most of whom live in the European Satellite town called Boroko. The Government has employed a contracting firm, Hornibrooks, to build a satellite town for natives, Hohola, just four miles from Boroko. The population of natives is unknown because they come and go and there is no constant level.

There is a large sheltered harbour which can only he entered through a small channel. Outside the harbour there is a reef in which the opening had to be enlarged by dynamite.

There are a number of Primary schools which have two-four overhead fans in each classroom. There is one High School where they do correspondence courses.

There is a large airstrip named after a Second World War air ace, Sqd. Ldr. F. Jackson. Planes come from Sydney at least once a day. Ansett-A.N.A. and Trans Australia Airlines fly Douglas DC6-B's to New Guinea.

The climate is hot and humid. Although the temperature never reaches 100° F, the humidity is always very high. In the December-March period the monsoons are on. All the rest of the time it is hot but this rain makes the humidity worse.

Despite its inconveniences, I am sure. you would enjoy a holiday there.


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